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Jewish Museum of Odessa
Jewish Museum of Odessa

Jewish Museum of Odessa

The Jewish Museum of Odessa, Ukraine opened in November 2002. Though small, with an exhibition area of only 160 square meters, the museum features an impressive collection of more than 7,000 photographs, newspapers, books, documents, musical instruments and pieces of art from Odessa’s Jewish community, which was once the third largest in the world. Items have been donated by local leaders, ordinary citizens and members of Odessa’s diaspora. Highlights include fragments of gravestones dating back to the 1770s, pages from Jewish newspapers as far back as 1869, photographs of leading Jewish cultural figures and a collection of religious garments and objects. One exhibition room is dedicated to Yiddish culture during the Soviet period and another remembers victims of the Holocaust.

The museum also offers classes in Jewish tradition, history, literature, art and design, as well as Hebrew language classes.

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Nejinskaya Street, 66, Odessa

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The Jewish Museum is located in the center of Odessa, not far from Cathedral Square. It can be reached on foot from many centrally located hotels, or by taking marshrutka (shared taxi) 105, 215 or 237, or tram 3 or 12, to Tyraspolska Square.

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